What are your little things?

The little things really do make me smile, think, appreciate and laugh at life.  I am constantly noticing and yearning for a million little things!  Here are some of my recent little things that have inspired me in one way or another.

  • two old men playing dominoes at Whataburger today.  I can not help it, but I can not stop thinking about them!  I really hope that I have a dear friend when I am older that I can hang out with, drink coffee and chat with.  Honestly, I would love the opportunity to be accepted into their club right now.  To be able to sit and hear their stories and relax and enjoy the day would be amazing.  Although I fear my rambuctiousness would quickly get me kicked out of the club.  They remind me to slow down and take in life and just breathe. 
  • A lion stalk.  Not many people’s job allows them to step twenty feet outside their office door to be stalked by lions.  A playful pounce on the glass is all I need to make me giggle and take a step back from frustrations and realize what is important to me.   About a month ago, I received some very good advice that I hope to hold on to.  “Do not ever lose your spirit”.  And those lions definitely help me accomplish that.  I love animals, but more than just loving them I feel a pull to help conserve them in their natural habitats.  I am fortunate to feel the connection between conserving resources in our everyday lives and saving wildlife habitat.  The huge problem is not a lot of people feel that connection. 
  • Random rock in my coat pocket.  I am pretty sure that I picked up this rock in Denmark when I was there years ago.  It has stayed in the same coat pocket and whenever I put my hand in the pocket it surprises me.  It reminds me of the world and traveling and how much I want see, experience and explore every inch on our planet.  Not only do I want to explore the world but I want to see the health of the environment around the world and conservation initiatives on the ground.  If I could share those experiences with everyone, wouldn’t they feel inspired to?  But for now, every time I touch this silly rock, I imagine where I would go and what I would do.  Stupid little rock! 

So what inspires you?  I am fortunate to have many passions and am very easily distracted by “shiny things” that I desperately want to learn more about.  I love being inquisitive.   Are you?

my rock.


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