Trophy Club Park and Lake Grapevine.

Saturday I decided to take my nephew out on an adventure. He wasn’t too keen on the idea and kept requesting to watch tractor videos on my iphone. I pushed through his crankiness and told him I got a message from the sun. The sun is talking to us and it told us, “We must go outside and enjoy the beautiful day.” His 3.5 year old self responded with a witty, “But the sun can’t talk!”

We finally got outside and explored a trail about 3 miles from his house. Trophy Club Park is part of Lake Grapevine. The main lure of the park is motocross trails throughout. There are also hiking trails and a unique disc golf course I must get back to. Even though motocross is very popular there, the spacious park offers areas where you don’t even hear them. For us, watching the motocross bikes zoom pass is part of the experience.

There is a beach trail at the end of the park that is about one mile out to a wide open sandy beach. The beach is beautiful but the water is not. North Texas water is just not what you dream of when you want to swim. It’s brown, there’s dead fish, and the smell of foul water really doesn’t make you want to jump in. But hey, if your 3.5 years old you don’t care. My nephew, Anis, loved investigating the boney dead fish and so did my dog. They also both decided they must take a flop in the water.

It was an awesome day to get outside and investigate. We found two green snakes, lots of seagulls, white pelicans, mallards, and cormorants.  The green snake on the trail was the highlight and Anis even moved him off the trail by himself. We watched him slither up a tree and Anis was fascinated. IMG_6431 IMG_6453 IMG_6464

Fabulous hike but next time I’m bringing a kid backpack. I carried Anis for 3 miles and my shoulders are still sore!


One last bit of info: The park only costs $1 for one vehicle entrance. Awesome.

Life outdoors is so much better.

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