‘Tis the season for a little personal time.

We are in the middle of the holidays which usually bring thoughts of family gatherings, food and lights. But you know what else it means, a little time off from work!  And I try and sneak in a little personal creative time for myself.

This last weekend I had four days off for the Thanksgiving holiday and took a Saturday to do my thang.  As I took miss beaker for a walk I noticed the beautiful leaves on the ground that begged and pleaded to be used in a craft. So I took off my long sleeve shirt and used it as a bag to pick up as many leaves as I could.  I hurried home and turned those leaves into a wreath for my door.  Just for fun I looked to see how much wreaths are in the stores and they are about $30-60!! Much cheaper and more fulfilling to make your own.

Turn these leaves:


Into this with some hot glue:


Next I pulled out the sewing machine and started on an apron for my mom.  My style of sewing is a little unorthodox in that I refuse to use a pattern.  To me a pattern stifles my creativity and doesn’t allow me to go outside the box.  However this does mean my finished products have faults.  It also means sewing is problem solving as I struggle to figure out how to get straps sewed on the right side and patterns facing the right way.  But they have seam rippers for a reason, if I mess up I start ripping!

After a few falters here is the finished product. A reversible totally horses apron for my horse loving mom.


I hope to get some more creative time in but everyday life challenges this. When I get the chance I dive in and it sparks my energy for life.  Give it a try next time you have a little time.

Instead of Black Friday don’t you wish you did craft Friday!

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