Street artists always inspire me.

I always stop. Every time I walk by a street performer of any kind I can’t help but cross the street and make my way over to them. No matter what they are doing, I’m curious to find out more. Next thing I know hours can pass by as I stand there entranced by their work. I am not unlike many, because the crowds that gather around street performers tells me everyone else likes it too.

As I stood watching an artist in downtown Dallas on Friday night, I realized these artists represent more to me. They represent the freedom to be creative and follow your passions outside the norm of what we think is “right”.

I’m reminded of this quote: “You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore” by William Faulkner. At one point this artist, along with every other street performer, had to take the risk to put themselves out there. They didn’t know if people would watch and even more, if people would support them.

I support that risk. Without risk we will all be the same.

dd artist

When I got home I found this artist online at It looks like he has been creating his street art since 1988!  He uses a variety of techniques to create unique colorful art. Check out his use of fire:

dd fire

So thank you to the artist for the reminder that it’s ok to take a risk. It’s ok to follow what you love to do and if you put yourself out there, people will support you.

If you don’t live in a city with street performers you can actually watch this artist’s performances live on the internet! Check it out on his website. Or pick up your talent and get out on the street!


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