Springtime in the outdoors.

Springtime Springtime Springtime!

Here in Dallas, Texas it has not been my favorite Spring due to the temperature. We were often teased with warm days followed by deep freezes. My thermostat was all over the place! But I think we made it over the hump. We are on to warmer temperatures with no more bundling up until the Fall. Thank goodness.

In the past few days I’ve taken advantage of this Spring weather and adventured outside. Often heading outside was my reward for finishing work on the computer. It makes me smile to see green leaves, smell my burgundy roses and wear my chacos (sandals that I will live in for the next 4-5 months).

This past Tuesday, on Earth Day, this little green anole came right up to me while I was enjoying the sun on my porch. Little cutie was bright green with vibrant blue around his eye. So beautiful.  anole close anole

This past weekend we were signed up for a 5K. It was a perfect day for it and the race between David (boyfriend) and I was on. Beaker and I started off slow. She fully enjoyed running with everyone and loved the people cheering on the side of the road. About a mile and a half in her pace went from a tired trot to a full sprint ahead as she saw David up ahead. We quickly caught up to him but now we were tied to him. Beaker was not going to let us leave his side.

beaker david run

I tried to make a truce with David that we would cross the finish line together. He was struggling so I figured his lack of agreeing verbally was just do to his lack of oxygen. But about 50 meters from the finish line, he picked up a sprint. I pulled Beaker into a sprint as well but it was too late, we lost by a second.


I’ve spent a bunch of time outside with my two nephews that live about 45 minutes away. The Easter bunny and I investigated their yard for hours finding snails, whistling with blades of grass and running from “sharks”.


We managed to find another great area to take a dip in the water. This spot on Lake Grapevine is cleaner than our last spot. It also has some great camping spots that we need to come back to. Of course I wasn’t prepared for a dip in the water but that didn’t stop us. I just used my sweatshirts as their towels. 🙂


Loving the outdoors and looking forward to hot weather! Not looking forward to the mosquitoes though. Best part about right now is no bugs. Enjoy it while you can!

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