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I recently shot three episodes for a local TV show called Blast Beyond.  The show’s premise is that the leader of the spaceship Captain Rob (played by a local eccentric weatherman) travels through space with his space band and brings cadets (kids) to learn about all kinds of topics.  Guests are brought on to teach the cadets through educational entertainment. 

I filmed three shows that were about 1. Water (the importance of water and water conservation) 2. Endangered species (how many, what you can do to help and BFFs (Black Footed Ferrets) and 3. Insects (benefits of insects to humans and the food chain and brown recluse and black widow).

The shows are live to tape so at first it was a little nerve wracking but then it was just fine!  I actually wished I had more time then less for my segments.  It was fun to spread the message of conservation and the importance of wildlife to kids from around El Paso.

The Blast Beyond cast and me saluting! 

Showing a loooong list of endangered species.  
There are actually over 10,000 animal species on the list currently.  If you want to see an easy to view endangered species list visit here.  Including plant species there are over 20,000 species on the endangered list!  And the number one reason for the decline of species = Habitat destruction.  Over 70% of the world’s forests are destroyed.  Now, the list has it’s questions, politics and drama but when all is said and done, do you think a habitat is healthier with all it’s parts or with parts missing?

Demonstrating a home made cloud machine!  Two El Paso Zoo volunteers, Ric (pictured above) and Ruby helped me out soo much that day!  Thank you!
I think the kids took home some good lessons.  The show is aired everyday at 5pm and the air dates for the zoo shows are coming up soon.  So if you are local watch and if you far away, try and find it online.  They are available online but I am not linking you!  Ha.
 We brought a European ferret to link to the local and endangered Black Footed Ferrets.
Black Footed ferrets (BFF) have an incredible story.  They once ranged from Mexico up to Canada in the central U.S.  Their main prey is prairie dogs and as prairie dogs were hunted, poisoned and otherwise removed by farmers BFF numbers declined.  Declined so much that in the 1980s they were thought to be extinct!  That’s right as in no more left.  In 1987, one day a dog showed up on it’s owners porch with a dead BFF!  The owner notified scientists and the search was out.  Scientists were able to find and capture 18 individuals and start a breeding program.  Today there is an estimated 700 individuals.  Re-introductions have been some what successful and we now have wild populations of BFFs.  If you want to learn more about BFFs read this awesome comprehensive report.  There are so many things you can do to help endangered species but one of the most important is to learn more!  Check out the Black Footed Ferret Recovery Program’s website.  Cute pictures and video await your eyes.
I hope to film some more shows so keep your eyes out! 
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