Quick Fire Environmental News Round-Up March 7, 2018

Holy moly there is so much going on in environmental news this week. Are you ready for a quick roundup to get yourself up to speed? Here it comes, the quick fire environmental news you should be aware of that connects to our local Texas community:

First, the fun stuff.
Have you seen the beautiful photos created by Las Vegas based artist, Benjamin Von Wong? Last year, he spent days with several volunteers in a large room at Wistron GreenTech in McKinney to breakdown 4,100 pounds of e-waste (the approximate amount an American uses in their lifetime). Old monitors, laptops, circuit boards, wires, and keyboards were used to build an imaginative set design. Standing in the middle of the creative set, is a body painted model showcasing the beauty that can come from our trash. The social project is meant to encourage people to participate in Dell’s e-waste recycling program. Keep your eyes out for the viral behind the scenes video with already over 1 million views online. Snap a picture of you recycling your e-waste (You can drop it off at our Goodwill stores!) and post it online with #RethinkRecycleRevive to get a post card direct from the artist. RethinkandRecyle.com for more!

Credit: Benjamin Von Wong

Quick politics.
Avid backpacker, Beto O’Rourke won the Democratic primary and is set to face off against Ted Cruz later this year. Democrats showed up in hordes at the primary polls with over 830,000 voting. Beto has a history of protecting our environment and pushing for sustainable development. He received Environment Texas’  Environmental Champion Award for his environmental legislative work such as creating a National Monument that protects Castner Range in El Paso, home to the beautiful springtime poppies.

Movement on the number one environmental issue in Texas… Water.
Officials are in a tizzy (and rightfully so) worried about the number of people immigrating to the DFW area, and the lack of water that will hit our state over the years to come. A project brought up in the 1980s is being resurrected to hold more water for our area. Ninety miles north east of Dallas we’re building our first reservoir in about 30 years. Here’s the thing, we have to clear land to do it, a lot of land. More than 300 acres will be cleared, and the next three summers will be spent digging to create yet another reservoir for us to draw from to water our lawns.

Dreamy Development.
Humphreys and Partners, a Dallas based architect firm is in the news for their dramatic design of the new age of apartment buildings claiming to be 100 percent sustainable. Renderings display two high rises that look like they came straight out of the Jetson’s cartoon show. Boasting environmental on site applications of wind turbines, green walls, Tesla Powerwall energy, vertical farming, and green spaces. Sounds awesome right? Oh, I forgot to tell you, it’s going to be on the waterfront of Manhattan, NYC. Damn.

The future is coming.
The new wave of transportation may be in place by 2024. This week, the last of 11 public comment hearings about the Dallas-Houston bullet train were held in all of the counties that could be effected by the train. Although critics voiced their opinions, several proponents were on site too. The train will be on elevated tracks, electric powered and reduce your travel time to 90 minutes between Dallas and Houston. The transportation will be nice, but the $18 billion cost is heavy. Arguments continue about environmental impacts – will it ease environmental issues, or will the build outweigh the benefits?

Spring buzz.
Have you noticed the pops of color around you? It’s starting! Nature is also about ready for a fresh start. Spring season is upon us and every environmental group, outdoor company, and everyone are hosting events. Get yourself outside and involved!

Alright, you are all caught up – see ya next week!

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