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It’s been a rough few days of website work. Troubleshooting backup errors has tossed me down a rabbit hole into web management stuff I had zero knowledge of like UNIX, myphp, SQLs and more. I am more knowledgeable now, but the fixes are not completed yet. At least I can post again!

So, for my first post back, it’s a personal one with something to offer you.

Since receiving my first GoPro late last year, and then winning my second just a few months ago I’ve been teaching myself how to use it. I still have a ways to go but I am liking the genuine home made quality to the videos I’ve created. As I get better, I don’t want to lose that aspect.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I made a trip to Lubbock, Texas to be present at my best friend Lena’s graduation. I took some video and photos of the trip and made her and her family a video to remember the occasion forever.

After sending it to her, I realized more people may like their own video. If you have an event coming up, own a business or just want a home made memory video, invite me to join you! I’ll take some shots and put together a video for you, all for a lot less than a high priced event photographer. It would be a great way to have a genuine video to promote your event or business or a fun way to remember a special occasion.

Take a peek at Lena’s Graduation video to get an idea of what you could have!

If you can’t view the video click the link: 

Let me know what your summer plans are and maybe we can work this out!

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