One month: no shampoo!

I’ve made it one month without washing my hair with traditional shampoo or conditioner!  I know, it sounds crazy, but the promise of volume, 2 inches of growth per month, and only washing your hair once a week has pushed me through this last month!  If you missed my post about how to set this up and get yourself started click here.

I’m not out of the grease period yet.  Prior to trying the “no poo” method my hair needed to be washed everyday because of the oils it produces.  This process has been difficult because my hair is still trying to figure out how much oil to produce.  Luckily, it’s been winter time so I can just throw on a hat and pretend all is well!  I have also tried putting cocoa in my hair as a “dry shampoo” that just basically soaks up the oils and makes it look not greasy.  I’m here to say that chocolate hair works great!  And no, my hair really didn’t stink like hot chocolate.

I have been facing the dry hair problem as well.  The oils are at the top but they are just not making it to the bottom causing my hair to be brittle, dry, and static crazy.  One day, I decided to try putting coconut oil throughout my hair from scalp to ends.  Bad idea.  The coconut oil is very difficult to get out with just baking soda so I had a few days of “wet” looking hair.  I was also having some head itching and dry scalp so I thought the coconut oil would work good on the scalp as well.  It turns out I was using too much baking soda.  Stick to a little less than 1 Tblsp per 1 cup of water.  Because my hair is greasy I thought I needed more baking soda… another bad idea.

I have found an answer to the dryness though!  I had some hair oil in my closet from a long time ago that I figured I would pull out and try again.  It’s great.  It doesn’t leave your hair looking greasy but actually provides the moisture you so desperately need.  Plus it smells amazing.  I put  picture below so you could see exactly what it is.

I decided to give the “no poo” method a total of a 3 month trial.  I’m not sure my hair is cut out for the no poo because of the oils it’s producing but I’m not giving up.  I do love the new texture of my hair, as it gives it more body and volume.  It’s just that it looks great on the day that I wash it and then quickly goes downhill.

Here are some pictures from after my wash yesterday.  It was silly for me to take these selfies yesterday and now it’s even more funny for me to post them on my blog.  So look at the hair and nothing else!




This is the oil I’ve been using just on the ends that’s working great:


Goodbye traditional chemical crazy shampoo and conditioner!  Hello luxurious hair… in 2 more months!

No poo.

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