Night numero uno.

I have had a fantastic last couple of weeks in the Ozarks of Northwest Arkansas.  For the past three years I explored the well kept secret of the beauty of the region.  In the weeks leading up to the move I was able to make time for some amazing friends, enjoy one last kayak trip on the Kings River, try sport climbing at Horseshoe Canyon followed by a refreshing dip in the nearby Buffalo River and soak in the sun at Beaver Lake.  How amazing!

In three years I met some amazing, unselfish, and caring people.  I am fortunate to have crossed paths with so many great people and appreciate all of their help while I was in Arkansas and beyond.

The journey en route to El Paso was long, twenty hours long.  It had its moments of all the usual road trip emotions including, delirium, life is a highway, exhaustion, panic, thoughtful, and on and on.  South Texas has a lot of high fences in which you must look for exotic animals.  I kept my eyes peeled for “crazy” animals that I have seen in the past but this trip around didn’t see any.  Next time you drive through Texas make sure to check the high fences!

A beautiful sunset on a deserted I-10 headed west in Texas.

Let me recommend some music.  My stereo was pumping out Mumford and Sons and the Kris Lager Band!  I am sure most people have heard of Mumford and Sons, but if not download their latest CD today.  The Kris Lager Band played in Eureka Springs, AR where I heard them live and picked up a CD.   They are a blues band from Nebraska.  Best part is their drummer freestyle raps during their live shows!

Late Tuesday night (June 21, 2011) we arrived in El Paso, Texas.  We are staying in the La Quinta until we find a place to live.  Tomorrow exploring the city to find out where we will live!


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