Need another fun activity to get yourself outside? Frisbee/disc golf!

Frisbee or Disc golf has become a wide spread past time all around the world.  Most major cities have courses set up to play on, and I’ve never been to one where you have to pay!  That’s right… FREE!  The premise is just as it sounds, it follows the logistics of golf but instead of hitting a ball you toss a specialized frisbee.  The courses are set up with disc baskets that are made of steel poles and cages and every tee off point has a par number.  And unless you are super serious or running the course, it’s a relaxing walk through a park without even breaking a sweat.  If your looking to get your heart rate up this isn’t the activity for you.  If your looking to soak in a beautiful day outside and release some of your competitive spirit give it a try.   There is even a professional disc golf association if you get really into it:

In the Dallas/Fort Worth area there are several disc golf courses to choose from.  Listed on the website, there are 37 sites to choose from! We chose the closest to our house to check out this past weekend and loved it.  It was great to see the parking lot full and participants of all ages out on the course.  There were probably about 30 people enjoying the course and with 12 baskets we were all spread out.  A little strange to me, was I didn’t see another girl on the course.  Not sure why as it’s just as fun for us ladies as it is for the guys.  I am not very good but still had fun trying to get my throw number under par on each basket.

We went to the B.B. Owen disc golf course which features open landscapes with mixed trees and a creek running through it.  It is close to several roads and unless your David, you won’t end up throwing your disc in the road.  David did manage to avoid the cars but ended up with two discs he fetched from the road.  Play it where it lands!

The discs can be purchased at any sports store (Academy, Sports Authority, etc) and you can get one for around $10.  There are certain discs for putting, long range, etc but you can get by with just one disc, as long as you don’t lost it!

So get out and find a local disc golf park!  Plus, most let you bring your dog as long as you pick up after them and keep them on a leash.  Bring a baggie and load up the dog.

Take a look at some pictures I snapped of us enjoying the beautiful 65 degree day in January!

(If the pictures don’t show in the email click here to view on the website.  Currently trying to figure out why galleries aren’t showing up on emails so I hope to have this solved soon!  Sorry for the inconvenience!)

Disc golf!

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