My ode to summer.

This is the time of year I start reading the intense griping on Facebook regarding the hot weather. People staying inside, mad they’re sweating and ready for winter. It boggles my mind and makes me want to shout out loud my love for the hot humid stench of summer.

Spring and summer are my seasons. Spring because of the excitement of summer. Don’t get me wrong I love outdoor activities of winter, such as snowboarding, but my closest mountain is 8 hours away. So I live for summer.

Even the simplest act of writing this post while overlooking a lake in the sun with a breeze blowing makes me happy. To join in my excitement rather than bask in your griping, here are my top ten reasons to love the hot next few months.

10.Tank tops, shorts, bathing suits, dresses. All of the clothes that are easy to wash, wear and take up little space for packing. More outfits can fit in a bag!

9. BBQing. Alright, let’s be real. I use my grill throughout the entire year but during the warm weather it’s much more tolerable to run in and out flipping burgers, steaks or my recent favorite grilled wings.

8. Camping! A lot of people don’t like warm weather camping but it’s my favorite. Nights are cool enough not to freeze and the sun wakes you up in the morning. Perfect. Bugs can be a nightmare but find a breezy spot, bring the deet and light a campfire!

7. No makeup – sun kissed cheeks means you look good with nothing on.

6. Daylight late into the night. I love eating dinner and then heading out for a walk. And around my neighborhood the overhanging huge trees are perfect for a late evening stroll.

5. Fruits and Veges! My diet is pretty much based on these two items so when I can get them fresh and local I’m ecstatic. ‘Tis the season of endless good quality fruits and veges. In the heat of the summer it really doesn’t matter where you go to get the fruits and veges, they all taste great.

4. Windows down. Here’s where I lose many people. I hate air conditioning. I really could live my life without it, easy. I love driving windows down music blaring. I hate that places are air conditioned in the summer to extreme cold temperatures that my toes go numb.

3. Swimming holes. Summer = water. Head out to a river or lake and jump in. The best is to find the local springs in your area. Live in Texas too? Check out this website for Texas swimming spots.

2. Adventure. Just the term summer ignites nostalgia of childhood and the excitement of summer vacation with no school. And why should that excitement be lost as adults. I’m looking forward to making this summer full of weekend travel adventures to investigate all those swimming holes from number 3. I may even title this summer “In search of clear clean swimmable water.”

And the number one reason…

I’m back in my chacos! I wear these sandals pretty much everyday. Whether it be to a meeting, out hiking or swimming in the river, they are on my feet. My feet love to breathe and sandals are the best thing for them. With some arch support, even after miles of walking my feet don’t hurt. Happiness is my sandals. I may even paint my toenails.

So listen up. Enjoy the hot weather. One thing we know, the seasons will always be here. We will be back to cold soon enough. I will embrace the cold months but not as much as I’m looking forward to a long hot humid summer!

Bring on summer!

b lake

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