My last minute Valentine’s Day.

So if you are like me, you maybe don’t really think there should be too much hype in Valentine’s Day, but you figure you should join the party somewhat.  I mean, I am all for celebrating love and embracing love, but I am not for spending a lot of money on worthless items.  If you get me flowers, they better be potted perennials.

So, here are my last minute easy ideas to celebrate love with someone.  Some are more green than others but none involve spending lots of money.

1. Pack his/her lunch the night before.  Make some home made cookies to throw in there too and always add a little note.

2. Order him/her lunch to their job!  This one would be great for me as my boyfriend loves eating out and would be surprised and excited about lunch he didn’t have to think about.

3. For the gal – run her a bath with some amazing fizzballs or bath salts.  I would be ecstatic to come home to a hot drawn bath.

4. For the guy – download the redbox movie app and let him pick it out and you go pick it up.   In my house, that’s gold.

5. If you live in Dallas – go to Trader Joes and pick out some fair trade chocolate and 2 buck chuck.

6. Outdoor date – I think we will hit up another frisbee golf course this weekend and I’ll pack us a lunch.  Weather says 70 for Saturday and Sunday!

7.  Plant a tree through the Arbor Day Foundation!  If you were dating me, this would be a perfect gift.  But there must be others out there who would like it too. Click here for the link.

8. Shop your local thrift store!  I think I may head to the “Buffalo Exchange” right down the street from me to see if they have anything for senor boyfriend.  I usually find some t-shirts and things that are right up his alley for way cheap.

Good luck with your Valentine’s Day and most important, have fun!


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