Moving is Exhausting especially in 110 degree heat.

I am so glad it worked out that we had to unload our Uhaul on one of the hottest days of the year (note extreme sarcasm).  At one point while we were moving the truck thermostat said 118 degrees F.  Honestly it was not too bad and was over pretty quick.  All of our stuff was out of the Uhaul and the two vehicles in less than four hours with two people working at it. We definitely missed all the help we had packing the Uhaul!

Some Uhaul/moving tips: In most cities they have take a box/leave a box outside their stores so you can re-use boxes and also recycle them there.  Roadside assistance was great, just be knowledgeable that it is there in the first place.  No need to flip out over a flat tire, just call for help and they have to be there within 60 minutes, it is their policy.

Yes – we are on the second floor. 
 If only the boxes did have legs!
The day was ended with a glorious and surprisingly refreshing dip in the pool overlooking the mountains of New Mexico.  It takes some time to recognize the mountains and distinguish if they are on Texas, Mexico, or New Mexico soil.  
The apartment pool… amazing.
I was up early on Saturday although still feeling under the weather, and ready to head to the flea markets downtown.  Most people here no matter what ethnicity seems to be bilingual.  It is very impressive and I am super jealous.  I need to dive into my Rosetta Stone and then start practicing.  The flea market was a bit too hot for us today, but I did manage to find a nice sun hat for 6 bucks.  I also received my first parking ticket… I did pay but it turns out we put our money in the wrong parking slot.  Lesson learned the $25 ticket way.  The market mostly had clothes, but anyone in the market for costume wear (all my friends in Eureka Springs) this is the place to be. 
On June 1, El Paso broke its 118 day dry spell in the form of a Bit of rain but none has fallen since.  There have been reports of animals (mountain lions, bobcats) coming down from the mountains, probably in search of water.   As I sit watching a grackle (bird) wipe its beak across the drops of water a car air conditioner has left behind, I think to myself… instead of putting out a bird feeder, I am going to put out a bird bath.  Maybe this bird bath will become an oasis of sorts and all kinds of animals will come to my porch!  Can not wait.  Starting off with a small bowl of water until I figure something else out.
The view from our balcony.  Oasis location TBD.

As for tonight… sitting in the air conditioning and watching a movie on the couchless floor = heaven. Oh and a bit of organizing:

 Boxes, boxes everywhere.


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2 Responses to Moving is Exhausting especially in 110 degree heat.

  1. Amber says:

    Happy to follow your new adventure! The views from the pool & balcony look amazing 🙂

  2. Bethany Stephens says:

    I'm SO glad you're keeping us posted! Way to go!! Thinking of you. 🙂

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