Made TOP 5 and now I need your help!

My family and I took a much anticipated trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado this past Spring Break. We were so excited after having planned and saved for months. We even started working out months in advance to make sure we were in shape to maximize the amount of time we had on the mountain. I did not want to get off the mountain early on any day because I was tired.

Only having the GoPro for a few months, we are still figuring out how to use it but Steamboat provided us with lots of opportunities to see what it can do. We all loved taking turns with it to see what we could create. My nephews giggled, screamed and were overjoyed submerging it under water. Every night, back in our bunks, we all rushed to the computer to see how the filming came out. I would quickly throw our “good” stuff together to send to our family that couldn’t make it on the trip this year.

After getting back from the trip, I tweeted out a link to one of my rough edited videos describing how much fun we had. I even posted an earlier blog about our trip here.  Steamboat Resort tweeted back there was a GoPro video contest going on. How exciting! I worked hard to edit my video down to two minutes and submitted. I am still learning the editing process as well but can’t wait to do more. A big thank you to Matt Hanna, The Champion of What If, who said yes to using his music!

The video made the TOP 5! I’m so excited! And now, I need your help. The amount of likes the video receives on the Steamboat Resort Facebook Page is taken into consideration when they pick the final winner. I would greatly appreciate a “like” from you!

I’d love to win this competition to win a GoPro 4 to take more engaging video with (two viewpoints at the same time!), win a lift ticket to guarantee we will go back to Steamboat next winter, and build my confidence to incorporate video into my environmental articles. I’m so excited at the possibilities!

Watch the other Top 5 choices as well. I learned something from each video and love something about each one of them. I wish all of us the best of luck!

To cast your vote visit the Steamboat Resort Facebook Page and scroll down their wall to the five videos. Mine is the last one scrolling down so get there! Don’t forget to watch the two minute video either. It showcases the winter fun at Steamboat Springs from the slopes to waterfall hiking to hot springs – and of course my cute nephews are the stars!

April 15th the winner is announced. Keep your fingers crossed!

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