I survived my first Dallas Zoo Camp!

This past three days I subbed in as an instructor for the Dallas Zoo Winter Break Camps!    It was absolutely fabulous just arriving the morning of and teaching for the day and not having to plan and prep the entire thing!  It was so nice to just enjoy the camp itself and add my tidbits in here and there.

The cold weather really brought out the crazy in the kids especially while we were out exploring the zoo but man we had some HILARIOUS moments!  I taught the K-2nd graders for all three days and had some very smart and wild kids.  I really hope they hold onto both traits as they grow older.   I like to think of myself as a bit smart and wild so I can relate to these crazies!

Here are some of my highlights:

  • Many of my made up games including zebra zebra lion, animal says with lunge like a hippo and swim through the ocean and the oh so popular animal charades.  Oh my how much these kids loved these crazy games.
  • Running across Cat Green (an open space in the zoo) as an “ostrich” while the campers chased me down as “cheetahs”.
  • Little kid first crush on a fellow camper.
  • The cutest shout out of “look there’s a swwwuiiirreeelll (squirrel)”
  • Singing all kinds of random songs.
  • Helping kids get over their fear of touching some of the animals.
  • Animal inspired inventions – love this theme!
  • Making a Chihuly craft – a Dale Chihuly (glass sculptor) inspired craft.
  • My first time in Lorikeet Landing!  Where you can feed the lorikeets some nectar.  Below is a picture of my lorikeet experience.

There were far more fun experiences and I know all of the kids had a blast, learned a lot about wildlife and hopefully picked up a conservation tip or two as well!



Although I have been sick the last four days, when you are a teacher you have to put your game face on.  And that I did.  But every time I was away from them I looked sick!  Thank goodness for the weekend to rest up and get healthy… hopefully.

Camp was a blast and I hope I have to sub in a day or two in the next one.  But for now I have a ton of work to do on my programs!  EEEEK!




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