I made it 3.5 months “no shampoo”.

In January I decided to get rid of the chemicals I was using on my hair in exchange for the “no poo method” (baking soda and apple cider vinegar). (Read the blog from January).  Things started off greasy yet encouraging and one month in I was doing great. Here I am 3.5 months in and I’m quitting… sort of.

I hate the chemicals in shampoos in conditioner. It’s ridiculous the amount of crap that companies throw in there. I’ve been reading about how the chemicals in shampoos, conditioners, lotions and soaps can disrupt your hormones. I wanted an alternative. I was intrigued by the “no poo method” and ready for baking soda and apple cider vinegar to solve everything. The problem is, I don’t think my hair is cut out of it.

My hair is thin and both oily and dry. Near my scalp the oil builds up quickly yet at the ends my hair is very brittle and dry. The no poo method strips your hair of the oils and your hair gradually realizes that fewer washes means it doesn’t have to produce as much oil. The problem was, the oil my head was producing was not reaching the ends. The ends are being stripped too but not replenished. So I read up and found out I should put oil on the ends. I tried coconut oil, grape seed oil, the Garnier sleek and shine oil and the special brush that’s supposed to distribute the oils. I love the oil but it makes my hair look greasy and heavy no matter the amount I used. I didn’t mind if I wasn’t using oil everyday but my thirsty hair really needed it on a daily basis. With oil in my hair I couldn’t wear it down without looking like a grease-ball. So everyday it went back in a bun.

This past week I decided I was sick of wearing my hair up and still dealing with split dry ends. I usually go about 8 months without a haircut and my split ends aren’t too bad. But it was 3 months since my last haircut and I desperately needed a trim because of the split ends. It just wasn’t working. I used shampoo and conditioner earlier this week and immediately noticed a difference. My hair thrives on a good conditioner.

So have I given up everything? Nope. I will continue to wash my hair sometimes with the baking soda and vinegar mix. I will also continue to wash my hair at least every other day and hopefully every third day. But I did pull out of my closet the shampoo and conditioner. Although the brand I bought (Ology) has the smallest amount of chemicals I could find, it still has crazy ingredients that probably do not need to be in there.

In the past few weeks I also changed my soap. No more oil rubbing all over my body in the shower. Most soaps in the stores contain oil derivatives and synthetic compounds. Look close next time your at the store because many are labeled “beauty bars” because legally they aren’t even soap! So I found a simple and accessible coconut soap to lather up with and have been loving it. kirksnatural.com

So I may have only lasted 3.5 months but I learned what’s best for me and remembered it’s all in moderation. I may not be able to go completely shampooless but I can use less chemicals and continue to wash my hair less.

I also still love the cocoa powder as a dry shampoo and volumizer. If you have dark hair I urge you to dive into your baking cupboard, pull out the cocoa, and try it out!

Good luck out there and read your labels, but remember it’s all in moderation and doing what’s best for you!

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