Hot and Thirsty!

Well tomorrow El Paso enters it’s 16th day in a row of temperatures over 100 degrees F!  I would have to say that is hot hot hot!  It’s not just me that feels it, and I love the heat, the animals are hot too!  They find a way to stay cool and we should really take some tips from them.  Check out my first video blog for some cool tips!  I put together some of my recent random pictures and video so check it out.  A bit cheesy, but just my style!

Here are two quick water saving ideas to help conserve water in this time of drought!

1.  Take a short shower.  The average American takes an 8 minute shower and it uses about 40-60 gallons of water!  Shorten that time to 3-5 minutes!

2.  One flush of the toilet uses 5 gallons of water!  Fill up a water bottle and place it in your toilet tank to save that much water with each flush.  No worries it won’t ruin your flush power.



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