Happiness day was a success!

Yesterday I spent way too many hours on the computer. After hours in front of the screen, I managed to fix up my website a bit and add a Freelance Writing tab. Now I have a place where you can keep up with my published work if you are interested. I also made a website for my side job. I decided to start a small dog walking business. Something to get me outside and bring in a little cash. It doesn’t hurt that I have a love of dogs and can’t wait to meet all kinds of pups! If you want to take a peek at the website before I’m fully finished here is the link: DogsBFFdallas.com. My friend came up with the name and I think it’s just the kind of sassy cute for me.

After all that time staring at the computer making websites, it finally got to me, probably due to lack of Vitamin D. So, I decided to declare my next day, Happiness day. I vowed to spend less time on the computer and do some things to make me happy.  Here I am at 6:30pm and it’s been a success.

The day started off with coffee and computer time, but not much. Just enough to check emails and get things going for the day. Next up was an almost 4 mile walk with Miss B. to meet my friend and her kiddos for lunch. She found a great spot that has a small play area for the kids right on the patio. Meeting a friend is always great for the soul. Plus making plans for the next day is even better!

katy trail

kids pancake

The walk there was a bit of a pull with Miss B. She was really more into rolling:

beaker on walk

After pulling Miss B. for four miles I realized that maybe it’s time to get her a trailer for the bike, since she is now a young ten year old. I’ve been talking about it for a while and finally decided to do some looking. I checked craigslist, thrift stores, pawn shops and nothing. Finally I decided to just see how much they were in Target and boom, Sale! I paid $75 for a 2 child trailer that also turns into a stroller. Awesome and now I’m excited for my nephews to hop on in.

I rushed home to put the trailer together, quickly hooked it up to the bike and loaded Miss B. in.  Off we were!  Headed to the lake, which at about 5 miles away is just a bit too far to walk, but a breeze to bike. I did have to stop a few times to reassure little miss whiny in the back. She didn’t love it, but she didn’t hate it.


We made it to the lake, I pulled out my computer and almost let out a little yelp of happiness! As I sit on my blanket in the sun overlooking the lake, I am connected to a wireless hotspot! WHAT?! I’ve been saying lately that I wish the park had internet because I’d love to be working outside but for what I do, I really need internet access. And here I am! I don’t need to buy an overpriced coffee or anything!

me and b feet and lake

So next time you are feeling sad, lonely or down about life. Just declare the next day Happiness day and do all the things that you want to do! I was lucky to be able to do it and definitely feel excited and happy all over again. The outdoors usually does it for me.

And if you’re looking for me in the future, you can find me at this same spot overlooking the lake with INTERNET!

Happy day.

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