Guess who visited the office today!?

Back at work today and spent the day presenting programs at a school offsite. Early morning, long day and feeling exhausted!

Came back to the office for a bit in the afternoon and had an animal visitor. I want to tell you more about the animal but I think you should guess what it is first! No cheating and googling! I always ask the kids and adults during my presentations to guess the animals they see so why shouldn’t you. Take a stab at it! I’ll post a blog soon with the answer.


Here kitty kitty…

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2 Responses to Guess who visited the office today!?

  1. Jessica Laudicina says:

    It has the eye markings on a cheeta but large ears which are more like a small wild cat. He/she reminds me of one of those 1/2 wild 1/2 domestic rare pets.
    He/she is a beautiful cat <3

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