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I am a passionate writer, environmentalist, professor, and wildlife biologist. I have a Master of Science degree in Biology and the passion to inspire, engage, and educate the general public. My education has fostered my endless quest for knowledge and I can be found constantly learning about the world around us and sharing this through interesting content.

Author Clips:
Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazinecontributor
Wild About Big D – May 2016

Texas Wildlife Association 
Ecotourism On The Ranch – August 2016

Katy Trail WeeklyWriter – Weekly Environmental Column

Dallas Morning News – Voices Columnist – 2013-14 Most Outstanding Voices Columnist
Find your own climate change inspiration –  August 7, 2015 
Let’s improve air quality to make great outdoors better – June 20, 2015
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Let’s re-examine our beliefs on hunting – July 3, 2014
Dallas makes life hard for cyclists – May 16, 2014
Break your stride and connect with people – April 12, 2014
Technology doesn’t stand in the way of nature, it empowers us to enjoy it – February 7, 2014
No car, no worries – Right? – December 13, 2013
A little patience, please, in the plastic bag debate – October 4, 2013
How can we compromise when we’re wasting so many resources? – August 14, 2013

How to best navigate greenwashing in the travel industry – June 25, 2015

Conservation-careers.comConservation Career Blogger
A Wild Career in Texas with Matt Wagner – April 20, 2015
Inspiring words from National Geographic Project Manager, Julie Brown – October 29, 2014
Do you need a master’s degree to work in conservation? – July 2, 2014
Ten questions with Zoo Education Curator, Rick LoBello – June 26, 2014
Tips for school children who want to be conservationists – March 17, 2014

Window shopping: Planning energy efficient upgrades – September 14, 2014
Bringing the outdoors in: Creative nature apps – May 27, 2014
Green charter schools groom future leaders – March 11, 2014

Non Majors Biology Website Guest blogger 
Ramblings from a first-semester Non Majors Biology Professor – January 6, 2015

Freakyrivet.comGuest blogger
Apps to empower nature – February 28, 2014

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