Dream travels are my version of a New Years Resolution.

This year instead of making a New Years Resolution I decided to dream my way into the new year.  One of the things I would love to do in this life, is see more of this world and share it with you as my adventures happen.  I, of course, love for all of you to feel like you are seeing the world through my eyes and become inspired for some little getaways yourself but writing and taking pictures on my adventures allows me to experience the journey, remember it, and take a higher value in it.  I am lucky to do any traveling.  I have met many a family that have not made it out of their neighborhood, let alone the state or the country.  There is a fear there that cannot be explained but I’ve seen it so many times, the fear of the unknown.  I do hope with sharing these journeys it makes people think, if she can do it, I can do it.  And you can.  Start small and work your way up.  But what follows are my huge dreams.  The ones that I may not accomplish for 30 more years, but I want to chisel at this year.  One big trip leads to the next big trip so lets start it off!

Any why do I want to visit these places?  I feel that with every adventure I embark on, I become a better person.  I learn a lesson, I open my eyes to the many cultures and beliefs, I have to figure things out, plan ahead, and most of all I learn to live in the moment.  Everyone struggles with this.  This year I want to be more present in my moments.  Traveling for me keeps me present and thinking.

One of the other reasons I want to visit certain places is wildlife.  There are so many species I have yet to see in the wild and with the way our world is declining, many are disappearing at an alarming rate.  Some animals, I must see now or I risk them going extinct before I make it (tigers, orangutans, rhinos, etc).  I am just as excited to see local wildlife and still watch the squirrels in my front yard but a part of me yearns to see a killer whale splashing through the water, a cotton top tamarin hopping from tree to tree, and so many more.

So here is my grand travel list to complete by an undetermined time; before I get to frail to enjoy it.  I limited myself to 5 otherwise I would have just named every dang place on this Earth.

1. The Great Barrier Reef – If anyone asks me what my happy place is, it’s snorkeling.  I can only imagine the extreme sense of happy I would feel exploring the largest reef in the world.  I would never get out of the water.
2. Madagascar – With habitat degradation happening at an alarming rate, I have to see the many rare species that reside there before they are gone!
3.  South Africa – It’s always been on my to do list for the culture as much as the wildlife.  I am also in the middle of the 600 page Nelson Mandela book that is pushing me over the edge with the yearning to visit.
4.  Northern Alaska – Puffins, killer whales, polar bears, and the Bering Sea full of King Crab!
5. Machu Picchu – South American rainforest at it’s best! Chinchillas!

So dream away because you can’t accomplish anything unless you first Dream it.

Dream Travels.

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