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I don’t think I’ve told you guys about my writings.  So I figured I would dedicate a blog to my other writing activities to give you a chance to check those out.

Last year I applied for a volunteer columnist position at the Dallas Morning News, and got it!  It’s been a blast meeting with editors, attending workshops, and of course writing and seeing my words in one of the biggest newspapers in the country.  It’s so fun to see something go out and then see my email inbox fill up, with mostly haters yelling at me through their computer screens.  I figure, if they took the time to write me, they took the time to think about the column and ultimately that’s what I want.  I hope my words and stories inspire people to just take a second to think about their actions and how they effect our environment.  A little thought can go a long way.

During these workshops I was delighted to see a little into the writing/newspaper world and excited to see editors supporting their writers.  Something was said by one of the top editors that I will never forget, it went something like this, “I don’t want to push my writers to the edge of a cliff.  I want them to write at the edge of the cliff themselves, and then for me to be the one to bring them back to one step before the cliff.  If they aren’t getting reactions from people then they aren’t doing their jobs.” I loved it and I was hooked.  The freedom to write whatever you want but then to have someone have your back to make sure what your saying isn’t stabbing yourself.  Yes, yes, yes!   And so I set off writing.

Here are a few of the links to read them:
A little patience, please, in the plastic bag debate.
No car, no worries – right?

I’ve also been dabbling in some copy editing which basically means writing content for websites, blogs, press releases, articles, whatever anyone needs written.  So if you need anything written, especially anything environmental, you know where to find me.

In the meantime, check out the columns above and feel free to send your hate emails my way! 🙂

Write on!

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