Children’s Garden at the Burrito

I had the opportunity to visit the new Children’s Garden at the Dallas Arboretum, or if you are my nephew and 3, it’s called the burrito.  I won’t lie, I was a skeptic.  How can you spend that much money (estimates range from $50-100 million!) on a children’s garden?  And then charge people $3 per person to get in?!

I wasn’t happy about the high costs to get into the burrito and then the extra cost to get into the children’s garden.  But I didn’t pay a dime!  My brother has a burrito membership that got all of us in to the burrito and the extra children’s garden!  Whaaat?!  So first step if you plan on going is buy a membership.  It also gives you free parking.  Definitely cost efficient.

As we entered the gates I still thought, oh well the children’s garden can’t be that cool.  We stopped by the pumpkin patch snapped some pictures, ate a picnic lunch and headed the children’s garden.  My mind was blown.  It truly is an amazing, spacious, well thought out, interactive, fun, educational area.  We were in the burrito for over 3 hours and didn’t even visit half the space!  I highly recommend the burrito.  Take your kiddos.  They will be intrigued and engaged in science without even knowing it.  I love when learning happens on children’s own time.  Let them play.

But you better dress fly.  There are so many people taking photographs in their quincenera dresses and engagement photos and heels and more.  So make sure to look good to keep up! 😉

So my tips are:
1- buy a membership
2- bring a picnic lunch- you can bring coolers and whatever you want.
3- go anytime – even when it’s really busy there are so many areas that it doesn’t matter!
4- go looking goooood. 😉

Here are some pictures to wet your appetite and get you outdoors to the burrito!







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3 Responses to Children’s Garden at the Burrito

  1. Jenny Colombo says:

    Love this cool review!! Also love the photo of you and your cute nephew, who looks like you! I am so happy you loved my OTHER workplace, although I am sorry there are no photos from my uber Gallery, Living Cycles. Next time, next time… Oh, and next time call ahead and I will be happy to walk you into the burrito, Naima. 🙂

  2. Mike says:

    Nemer, that’s too far to drive, whenever I’m allowed to drive again….

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