Bring your lunch.

One of the easiest ways to be a bit more green is to pack a lunch. When you pack your own lunch you can use reusable containers and avoid the styrofoam and boxed sandwiches wrapped in bags packed with napkins. The food you pack yourself is much healthier and you actually know exactly what you are eating. Whenever I eat out, I have to wonder, what is really in this food? Did they add sugar in the marinating process or put butter on the bread or drench it in vegetable oil? To me, it matters.

So I pack my lunch. But don’t let anyone fool you, it is a pain in the butt! From going to the grocery store at least once a week to buy all the items you will need for your week to prepping your lunch every night and then dragging it with you to work everyday only to have to clean out your containers and drag them back home with you to do it all over again. And ya know what, I hate doing it!! Usually Sunday night I don’t mind because I’ve had two days off of it an it seems like a novelty all over again. But by Tuesday I’m over it and I feel the urge to “forget” to pack my lunch and hit up the nearby McDonald’s.

When I do pack my lunch, which is most days, I am grateful I did because I feel better about the food I eat. I also feel good about not having to rely on fast food and stress about what food I can actually eat. Or feel bad about the ridiculous waste I am left with after fast food.

So I pack.

Do you?


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