Before I die, I want to…

This weekend was fabulous weather here in Dallas and of course the sunny and 65 degrees begs me to get outside. We explored White Rock Lake with my family on Saturday and Sunday set off to find out what this Katy trail in Dallas is all about.

The Katy trail is a spectacular paved and rubber pathway that empties into downtown dallas. What a great way to get to the city! And with weather like today there were tons of people enjoying the trail walking, running, biking, roller blading, chatting, dining and treating their dog to the outdoors. Today I felt like I was back on the east coast where trails like these are the norm. To top it off we grabbed a bite to eat trail side on a fabulous outdoor patio.

The “before i die, i want to” picture above is from the side of a building along the Katy trail. There was no chalk for me to add my thoughts in but it still got me thinking. Before I die, I want to… I suppose I should start a bucket list. I’ve always had things I’ve wanted to do but never wrote them down. What would you want to do? Off the top of my head here are some of mine:
1- visit South Africa
2- visit brazil/Argentina
3- own my own business. (I’ve got a few ideas here).
4- I like the one in the picture… Hike Machu Picchu. That would be an adventure!
5- grow my own large garden and do a garden diet. I know someone that ate only things that grew in their valley for 6 weeks. How awesome would that be!
6- commit to a large challenge of resources. Such as not purchasing anything new for an entire year. No waste for a year. (No bags, no packaging, no new clothes)
7- do an adventure race. (Kayak, climb, run, camp).
8- work for national geographic (or make it into their magazine).
9- sail for a month.
10- horseback riding camping trip with my mommasita.
11- backpack Yellowstone.
12- visit Denali – when its warm. 🙂
13- backpack Europe.
14- snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

Ok I could go on forever. But we all should. We all should have dreams and bucket lists that go on and on. The more I think about it the more that comes to mind.

Our time is short and although I’ve done a lot in my years I think I’ve got to push the gas pedal a bit more. Today I think life is more about the adventures than anything else!

My nephew Anis is just starting to build his bucket list. I bet two things would surely be on there: 1- ride every tractor/firetruck/rocketship as humanly possible and 2- watch every video ever made involving tractors/firetrucks.

I guess everyone has their interests!! His happiness is contagious… You can’t help but smile when you see this picture:


It’s never too early or too late to start your bucket list. And it’s yours so you can add/delete as you want. I know I will be adding to mine!!

Bucket list.

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