Beaker does Dallas!

The best addition to any adventure is definitely a woman’s best friend… a dog.  And for me that means the love of my life Miss Beaker.

Miss Beaker

Miss Beaker

A few years ago I made the decision to take a job that didn’t allow dogs and for the past few years Miss Beaker has been a farm dog living at my parent’s house in Amarillo.  In the time at my parent’s house, Miss Beaker made her mark on their hearts and it was very hard for them to let her go and come back with me.  Not to mention it is extremely hard taking her from the perfect life to the less than optimal working girl life.  I am forever grateful for my parents (who were at first resistant to an inside dog at their house) for taking such good care of her and ultimately opening up their home and even bed to her.  I always know she has her beloved retirement home in Amarillo.  She loves the charmed farm life but Miss Beaker and I are two peas in a pod destined to be together.

So now Beaker is doing Dallas!  With some days better than others… Miss B has separation anxiety and on day one of staying home by herself she managed to destroy three window blinds.  Luckily my neighbor has been awesome and inviting Miss B into her home on a daily basis.  It takes a community to have a child… and a dog!

Beaker is back to city life and she has definitely encouraged me to get off my butt and go for long walks every evening.  One major adjustment to city life is picking up poop again.  Thank goodness she is a little dog!  Whenever I walk by people with their big dogs, I fear they have poop hands from messily trying to pick up 80 pound dog poopoo.

But poop picking up we must do… With at least two poops a day that is a lot of bags, which would definitely make our adventures not very environmentally friendly.  So I found some Earth friendly bags!  If you are in the poop picking up business as well check them out here:

Beaker has been embracing the city life.  I think the Beaker does Dallas pictures can explain her adventures far better than words ever could.

As you can see in the pictures Dallas is incredibly dog friendly with lots of restaurants accepting dogs, trails, dog parks, and dog bakeries!  She is settling back in to city life just as I am.

Our big city adventure continues.

City life!

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  1. Jenny Plunkett Colombo says:

    I LOVE BEAKER–and you!

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