A weekend full of my friends.

If you have never looked into renting a Vacation Rental By Owner (vrbo.com) I highly recommend it. My friends and I rented a house for the weekend full of all the comforts of home plus more. Great idea for families with kids because they are fully equipped with pots and pans, washer/dryer, lotions/soaps and have multiple beds! It is definitely a step up from the back of the truck that David and I usually sleep in while traveling! But I’ve stayed in several other VRBO’s and loved them all. Cheaper than a hotel room and much more to offer. A close walk to several tourist spots as well. Because of the ability to eat in, the fully stocked VRBO is definitely better than a hotel health wise, budget wise and green wise!

But anyway, I was lucky enough for my friends to make a long drive with their kids to all have a weekend together. We explored a bit of Fort Worth on our adventure and chilled at the house the rest of the time. When the babies sleep the mommies play!

We all have a love of the movie Elf fostered by our days bundled up together watching the film over and over. Kaitlyn surprised us with our own narwhal shirts from the movie!! Take a peek:


It was awesome to catch up with great friends and have a mini get-a-way!



I love getting together with great friends because it always feels like we saw each other just the day before even though it’s been more like months! And the best part, they are always up for an adventure!!

Till the next time mi amigas!

Oh and the answer to last post:
The kitty that came to the office last Friday was an African serval! Servals live in North Africa and one of their ways of dodging predators is jumping in random directions to cause confusion. Just looking at its body you can see how agile they are. The average weight is about 30 pounds but they are known for their long legs and neck. They are listed as a species of least concern by the IUCN but the US Fish and Wildlife lists a subspecies as endangered. The cause of their decline is habitat loss and the pet trade. More and more people in this world causes more demand on our earth forcing wildlife habitat to be destroyed by urbanization and agriculture.

That cute serval is now part of our outreach department and will meet people of all ages through presentations on grounds at the zoo and off site. She is a great ambassador for wildlife and will create a connection to animals with everyone that lays eyes on her. I know for me she definitely inspired me to learn more about servals!


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