A quick visit to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.

The forecast for this past Saturday was not the bright and beautiful day I hoped for.  I usually enjoy getting outside in any weather but this time I had to incorporate some little ones into the plans. So an inside adventure in Fort Worth was our plan and we headed to the Museum of Science and History.

We did forget that it is officially the start of most Spring Breaks this past weekend so the museum was packed. Being a family that isn’t too fond of crowds it did dim our mood a bit. But the museum had loads of rooms, play stations, and hands on activities for everyone.  If one area was packed you could find another that may have a little less people.  Overall we zoomed through most of the museum letting the kids have a chance to play with trains, touch a tornado, put together a skeleton, and dig for dinosaur bones.


The downstairs is full of interactive exhibits while the upstairs is more of the history exhibits focusing on Texas history with a splash of photography.  I enjoyed relearning some of the uses of cattle in our everyday products from toothpaste to cosmetics in the cattle exhibit. It grosses me out but makes me remember to think about every ingredient.  I consider myself an informed consumer but to know what every ingredient is, where it comes from and how it’s manufactured is a full time job.

The museum also offers a planetarium show that comes free with admission. We didn’t take advantage of this but I wish we did. It’s been years since I’ve been inside a planetarium and because I don’t use my constellation skills on a regular basis anymore, I notice I am forgetting my stars and planets. Plus I recently watched the Oscar winning movie, Gravity, and felt inspired by how much I don’t know about space.  Knowledge of space is always so mind bending to me, it’s hard to wrap my head around.  But just the realization that we are part of a huge galaxy is always a good reminder in life.

The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History did it’s deed. It inspired me to learn, relearn and think about something beyond my everyday life. I love random museum trips just for that reason.

To learn more about the museum and find costs visit their website at fwmuseum.org.

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