A little creativity goes a long way… especially with kids.

Today I was challenged by a three year old.  His common phrase to me, “Tata, you need to get me more stuff!”  Being his “Tata” (Aunt), I am in the role to provide “stuff” and basically let him do what he wants to do, within reason of course.  But with his constant request, it’s as if he knows I don’t like buying new things and insists on testing me.  I usually disregard his stuff requests and distract him with playing, running, dancing, and acting like a crazy person.  But, today I outsmarted that three year old yet maybe created a monster.

So he wanted a plane.  Sure crazy kid, I can dig through the trash and make you a plane!  I grabbed the recycle bin, tape, and scissors and started taking my orders from a three year old.  Every time I thought I was finished, I was instructed I forgot the front window or the door.  He reminded me that no matter what it was, I can make that!  A little squint and a little imagination and that plane is a Southwest dream.



The plane led to a truck.


Silly me.  I immediately thought when my nephew said “I want stuff!” that it meant it had to be from the store.  It turns out I needed to change my thinking, think outside the box, and along with some guidance from a 3 year old make it happen.  He spent the rest of the evening carrying the beloved plane around with him and cried when a wheel fell off the truck.  No worries, nothing double sided tape can’t fix and no need for freak outs.

A good lesson in life my 3 year old friend.


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