A killdeer adds excitement with their “broken wing”.

I loaded up my small brown pal, Miss Beaker, and headed to the closest lake. Although I can’t cool off from the heat with a dip in the White Rock Lake murky waters, Beaker can. We arrived just as the moment the air conditioner started to work. We opened the car door and the overwhelming cicadas calling matched the humidity in the air. Perfect for me.

We walked around the lake a bit and came to the boat ramp otherwise known as the older dog ramp. An easy spot to walk into the water without jumping in. Beaker was happy to find her way in and cool off in the hot water.

While we hung out there I realized we were being yelled at loudly by two birds. After the incessant calling I looked around to find two killdeer screaming at us. I instantly knew what this meant. They must have some of their super cute babies around. Killdeer are ground nesters and their babies look like tiny cotton balls with two skinny sticks as legs (click here for a killdeer baby pic). By far the cutest baby bird. We decided to ignore the yelling and look for the babies. I searched in the grass, weeds, marshy area, but no babies.

I tried to snap a few pictures of the killdeer famous “broken wing” display. When a threat to the young is near, the adults will lure the predator away acting like their wing is broken. These parents didn’t realize although Beaker looks like a furry beast, she’s way more interested in goose poop than a small fluffy bird.

Look close and you can see the beginning of the “broken wing” display.

The killdeer headed Beaker’s way to lure her with a helpless act.

We finally walked away a bit to give the parents some space to get back to their young. We were eager to see a baby. The parents quickly ushered their only child out of the grass and made a run for it. Once the child was safe in some distant brush, the parents returned to our area with their same broken wing act. There must be more young around. We decided the family had enough excitement for the day. I can only imagine their Fourth of July was full of terror, anxiety, and lots of acting as that same area was probably packed with people and ferocious dogs.

Mom or Dad at the water’s edge frantically calling. Amazing how well their children listen. One call and a baby that was running across the field, instantly sat down and hid in the grass without moving a feather. Killdeer are also named after their call that sounds like kill-deer (nope, they don’t kill deer).

I did take a short video. It’s hard to see the baby but you can atleast hear some of the loud calls. Ignore my excited “baby” talk. Funny how I don’t talk to human babies in a high pitched voice, but any mention of an animal young and I lose my normal voice.

Good luck family.

A few more shots from the walk back. Glad to see some other animals like the hot besides Beaker and I.

IMG_9117 IMG_9121
Can you spot the Great Blue Heron? A good day to fish.


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