A bit of conservation and a bit of fun.

The past few weeks have been busy with zoo happenings. The Dallas Zoo celebrated the 125th Birthday of the zoo on April 6 and 7th. There is a book that documents some of the history of the zoo. I haven’t gotten my hands on the book yet but hope to. Reading the few page history I have the zoo has come a long way and especially in the last few years. I’m excited about the education growth in the future.

For the 125th Bday party the Green Team had a booth of 125 Ways to help Wildlife. Kids got involved and it was a blast. As the chair of the Green Team I compiled the list of 125 items. It was a fun challenge and I’m thrilled to now have the list for other purposes as well. I need to upload it to the blog… Keep an eye out.


Next was Homeschool Day. A day blocked from schools attending and therefore only for the general public and homeschool kids and families. I created a 20 page activity book for participants. Inside their Dallas Zoo backpack were Naima items. I call them that because I love meaningful crippycrap, and that’s what it was. A UV watch that was attached with an activity, a giraffe puzzle and more. Homeschool families also enjoyed keeper talks, community partner booths, zoo booths and special animal adventure shows.




Last but not least David and I stopped by the Deep Ellum Arts Festival in downtown Dallas. The ultimate best part was this amazing crepe!! Oh so yumtastic.



Definitely not on my diet but totally worth it.

Until next time crepe.

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