125 Green Ways to Help Wildlife!

This is an awesome time of year!  Earth Day is tomorrow (April 22, 2013) when we place a small focus of our energy on doing good for our Mother Earth that will hopefully carry through the year.   We all spend more time outside as we celebrate the beautiful turn in seasons to welcome full blown Spring and soon to be Summer.   Seeds are quickly being buried into the ground and sprayed with water to start their germination and growth into vegetables and fruits.  People are Spring cleaning their houses hosting lots of garage sales to find those perfect must have items.   Pockets of color are popping up all around us as planted and wild flowers are blooming.   And of course the rain… the spring rains comfort us that all will be lush and green.

The Dallas Zoo Green Team created a list of 125 Green Ways to Help Wildlife.  It was a blast being creative, collecting others ideas and doing research to come up with the list.  We used the list as a fun way to engage kids during the Dallas Zoo 125 birthday party.  View more here.

I strive to do all of these all the time.  I know if we all made a commitment to do any 5 of these we would collectively make a huge difference.  Check out the list for some unique ideas and maybe add one to your life!

125 Green Ways to Help Wildlife.
Dallas Zoo Green Team
1 Visit the ZOO!
2 Spread the word!  Share what you are doing with everyone and inspire others.
3 Buy local!
4 Use cloth napkins instead of paper towels.
5 Adjust your thermostat.  1degree saves $ and energy!
6 Use a reusable water bottle and drink from the tap.
7 Do not preheat the oven.
8 Say no to plastic straws.
9 Learn more about the Palm Oil Crisis and what you can do.
10 Get environmentally smart instantly!  Use goodguide.com or greenmaven.com
11 Compost at home.
12 Be a responsible pet owner.
13 Turn off lights when leaving a room.
14 Reduce the amount you use.
15 Find all kinds of ways to REUSE.
16 Recycle at home.
17 Recycle at work.
18 Recycle while traveling.
19 Bring your own cloth bags to the grocery store.
20 Bring your lunch from home.
21 Use reusable containers to pack your lunch.
22 Turn off the water when you brush your teeth.
23 Take a short shower (about 3-5 min).
24 Fill the dishwasher before running.
25 Wash your car at the car wash.
26 Make your own green cleaning supplies.
27 Avoid buying styrofoam.
28 Recycle old batteries instead of throwing them away.
29 Take old clothes to thrift store.
30 Make your own bird feeder out of recycled materials.
31 Choose sustainable energy when you can  (wind, solar, etc).
32 Recycle old cell phones.
33 Support your farmer’s markets.
34 Lower your hot water heater thermostat.
35 Buy in bulk.
36 Switch to CFLs (compact flourescent lightbulbs).
37 Grow a garden.
38 Dry your clothes on a clothesline or rack.
39 Use cold water in your washing machine.
40 Unplug appliances from the wall when not in use.
41 Take a walk outside instead of watching TV.
42 Participate in Earth Hour every year (March).
43 Shop at consignment stores.  Avoid buying brand new.
44 Wrap presents in newspaper or fabric.
45 Purchase recycled paper.
46 Use one sided paper for scrap paper.
47 Don’t print unless you need to.
48 Print on both sides of the paper.
49 Use soy based ink when you can.
50 Place a full bottle of water or brick in your toilet tank to use less water.
51 Avoid using pesticides around your house.
52 Make your backyard a certified wildlife habitat.
53 Plant a tree.
54 Adopt a pet at a shelter.
55 Buy sustainably harvested lumber. (FSC = Forest Stewardship Council)
56 Buy sustainable seafood (utilize the Seafood Watch program).
57 Take the train.
58 Take the bus.
59 Drive less – walk, ride your bike or carpool.
60 Fix any leaky faucets.
61 Buy energy star appliances.
62 Buy good gas mileage vehicles.
63 Organize a neighborhood cleanup or your creek or other green space.
64 Save the seeds from your garden to plant next year.
65 Buy non GMO (genetically modified) fruits, vegetables and seeds.
66 Send a letter to your local Congress Representative informing them on your environmental concerns.
67 Visit a local and National Parks.
68 Dispose of chemicals properly.
69 Put plastic wrap on windows in winter to insulate.
70 Water your garden and yard in the early morning or late evening.
71 Use a rain barrel to collect rain water for your garden.
72 Close curtains or shutters during heat of the day in summer.
73 Use rake to clean up leaves instead of leaf blower.
74 Use broom instead of hose to clea off driveway.
75 Use broken down boxes to kill weeds.
76 Grow milkweed to attract monarch butterflies.
77 Clip plastic rings.
78 Buy products with minimal packaging.
79 Ask restaurants where their meat and seafood comes from.
80 Dust the refrigerator coils.
81 Use candles made from beeswax or soy.
82 Reuse shipping boxes.
83 Participate in Meatless Mondays.
84 Participate in Waste Free Wednesdays.
85 Stop phone book deliveries at yellowpagesgoesgreen.org/opt-out.php
86 Stop junk mail at dmachoice.org
87 Use rechargeable batteries.
88 Start a recycling program at your school, apartment complex or work!
89 Use a dry erase or chalk board instead of paper.
90 Check out books from the library instead of buying.
91 Join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) to get local in season produce.
92 Leave grass clippings on ground for nutrients or put in compost not trash.
93 Only run full loads in your washing machine.
94 Sign petitions to help animals (worldwildlife.org)
95 Use cloth or a more environmentally friendly diaper.
96 Use your cruise control in your car.
97 Batch errands together.  Avoid single trips.
98 Avoid paper plates, buy reusable.
99 Avoid plastic cups.  If you must, have people write their names on their cups so they use one.
100 Maintain your vehicles. Oil changes and proper tire inflation equal better gas mileage.
101 Download your software (instead of packaged CDs).
102 Skip the coffee stirrer.
103 Pay bills online.
104 Stop paper bill and bank statements.
105 Use e-tickets instead of paper.
106 Install water saving fixtures (shower heads and sink aerators).
107 Recycle otherwise nonrecycleables and earn money through Terracycle.com.
108 Reduce the margins in your word documents.
109 Use the stairs instead of the elevator.
110 Do not buy ivory and educate others about the devastation of ivory.
111 Buy phosphate free dish and laundry detergent.
112 Donate money to conservation organizations.
113 Support conservation organizations by “liking” them on Facebook or “follow” on Twitter.
114 Use grey water to water plants.
115 Do not buy fur.
116 Save your grease from cooking and recycle it.  Ceasethegrease.org
117 Go Camping instead of staying in a hotel.
118 Use natural paints.
119 Build Green – utilize a green architect.
120 Avoid placing your AC next to a lamp or TV that generates heat.
121 Dine by candlelight every once and a while.
122 Give potted plants or herbs instead of cut flowers.
123 Read your magazines online.
124 Skip the screen saver.
125 Remember, you can make a difference.
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